Electronic Component Kitting Services

We can supply kits for

-Engineering prototype boards
-Marketing demo boards
-ATE boards

-Medium volume production runs

Board level components are our specialty but we also provide top assembly parts.

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Be sure to check out our "Useful Info" for bits of practical wisdom given to engineers over the years.

About Diamond Bell Technology, LLC

Diamond Bell Technology, LLC (DBT) is unique within the industry. We are different in that our company’s focus is on providing electronic component kits, without being a distributor. Whereas most distributors will provide electronic component kits, they do it only as a third most profitable value-added service, according to various published reports.

While DBT will purchase electronic components from distributors for kitting or stocking purposes our kitting services are not a value-added service, they are our bread and butter. With more than 15 years experience in kitting services, we know components, we know Bill-of-Materials (BOMs) and all the various errors and omissions they may contain. We are experienced and ready to work with you to ensure your order’s accuracy.

Furthermore, we are familiar with the various distributors and are able to identify their strengths and weaknesses in stocking patterns, thereby ensuring you have the best quality products filled in your order.

Our experience and personalized attention to our customers’ requirements set us apart from our competitors. When you call DBT our focus is on our primary business - your kitting requirements - not on a “third most profitable” value-added service.

Another way that DBT has the advantage of being a unique kitting service provider is reflected in our favorable price quotes. Overhead costs are low for DBT as we don’t have to pay for giant warehouses full of stock, employees, managers and complex systems.

The Principals

Joline Albaugh has over 15 years experience at Burr-Brown/Texas Instruments in electronic component and printed circuit board purchasing. She has an AS degree in Digital Technology from Pima Community College.

Carol Sayler is a degreed accountant from the Eller Business School at the University of Arizona. She has over 15 years experience in working in customer service, accounting, and billing services.

Neil Albaugh is a former Senior Applications Engineer with Texas Instruments. He is a world-reknown analog engineer who knows quite a bit about a lot of stuff. He has presented seminars on linear circuits to appreciative audiences around the globe.

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