Electronic Component Kitting Services

We can supply kits for

-Engineering prototype boards
-Marketing demo boards
-ATE boards

-Medium volume production runs

Board level components are our specialty but we also provide top assembly parts.

888-548-8464 (888-KITTING)



Be sure to check out our "Useful Info" for bits of practical wisdom given to engineers over the years.

Leave the drudge work to us!

We provide electronic component kitting services for engineering firms, schools, labs and government entities. Diamond Bell Technology (DBT) is an woman-owned business whose owner has over 15 years of technical purchasing experience.

We can do more than just routine purchasing. We love challenges! We provide our customers with personalized attention, including:

- Kitting services

- Procurement services for internal stocking

- "Clean-up" services for old BOMs

- Reverse engineering of existing PCBs

- Engineering stockroom maintenance.

Being a relatively small business, we can be most flexible with customer design and schedule changes. .We know how engineering firms work.

Increase your productivity - give our purchasing experts a call. We will be happy to answer all your questions. DBT offers expert advice and services at competitive prices. We will be happy to do the hard work for you!

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